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Re-design proves beneficial by increasing readership figures

Atos Origin provides IT and eBusiness solutions and services for businesses.

Re-design UK quarterly newsletter

Anderson Baillie approached Atos Origin with a view to working with them in an overall marketing capacity and following a competitive pitch process, won the opportunity to re-design and re-build their quarterly newsletter and supporting website aimed predominantly at their UK customers.

Audience motivation

Anderson Baillie re-design proves beneficial by increasing readership figures for Atos Origin

Anderson Baillie researched mechanisms for communicating with the audience and motivating them to read and learn about what impact Atos Origin could have on their business, as well as ensuring that they have high quality newsworthy and independent articles to read.

The Spring 2003 newsletter and supporting website launched in March and was extremely well received both internally and with customers and prospects.

78% recieved - 43% read

Readership figures showed that 78% of emailed newsletters were received and 43% were opened as unique pulls. Atos Origin considered this to be a huge achievement based on past readership figures.

Monitoring and analysis

The capabilities built behind the newsletter and website are such that they are able to show visits to the website per day, the visits per page, the visits per article, together with entry points all showing popularity ratings. Over time, Anderson Baillie will be able to monitor article/feature popularity and to monitor the readers movement if required, ensuring that the privacy of the reader is kept at all times.

Additional features to the website included a theatre ticket competition, a Poll, an opportunity to register to receive future newsletters and the ability to register colleagues for forthcoming issues.

Audience growth

Whilst only going to a small audience, the opportunities to increase the readership are immense. Anderson Baillie are working with Atos Origin to build their database for the Summer 2003 issue.

Anderson Baillie have designed the newsletter to be flexible enough to allow for business sector personalisation should Atos Origin wish to target specific articles to specific audiences.

Attract and retain

A strict editorial board has been set to ensure that the articles remain exciting and focussed. The aim is to attract and retain readers at all times.

Site optimisation

The website continues to attract users through it’s site optimisation and search engine popularity.

"When we first started working with Anderson Baillie our AO Business Online newsletter was in its infancy and readership and circulation was static. By revolutionising the designs and functionality thereby making it far more reader friendly and informative, the readership levels continue to rise from issue to issue."

Fran Laybourne, Marketing, Atos Origin UK

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