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soa247 website screenshotGriffiths Waite specialises in the design, development and management of business solutions based upon Oracle technology.

Soa247 is a campaign developed by Griffiths Waite in association with Butler Group to promote SOA. Because of Anderson Baillie’s ongoing relationship with Griffiths Waite and the recent re-launch of Griffiths Waite’s new website, Anderson Baillie was the natural choice to bring soa247 online.

Evolving the visual concept established with the Griffiths Waite website, soa247 is accessible and uniquely styled, but the secret of its success is the dynamic SOA implementation report built using Adobe Flex. The report is generated from an online survey, which once completed generates a tailored PDF that intelligently interprets the survey response to provide a deeper understanding of the users current SOA implementation. Overall a highly technical requirement has been implemented via a slick and simple interface that hides surprising depths.


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